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"I had suffered with rosacia for years.  I wore lots of  heavy makeup to try to cover it up. My local dermatologist told me that no topical product would take it away, and she recommended that I get laser treatments. I did a lot of research and finally decided that Dr. Raab was the best doctor to administer the laser treatments. I liked his education, his experience, and his age (not fresh out of school and not "old school"!). Many Internet sites stated that one needs 4-5 laser treatments to get rid of rosacea.  Dr. Raab got rid of my rosacea in only 3 treatments!  He gave me ATF treatments which, as a side benefit, got rid of my brown age spots and practically elimnated a 7-week old scar on my face! I highly recommend Dr. Raab. He's not a "chatty schmoozer," but he knows what he's doing and gives excellent results!"
— A.A.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Raab’s for over 10 years while his practice was still in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. I continue to travel now to his Naperville practice because for me, the choice is clear, I trust Dr. Raab’s credentials, his work ethic, medical expertise and personal integrity."
— A.D.

"Dr. Raab has an intuitive ability to analyze your face to suggest, recommend and implement the best overall rejuvenating treatment. His professional wisdom and guidance is invaluable when making aesthetic decisions."

— S.

"Thanks for taking time to talk to me about AFT. I was a little afraid to try, but now I’m so glad I listened to you. I can see results after 5 days. I can’t wait for my next treatment! Thanks."
— D.B.

"I had a recurrent lesion on my face and had been treated many times by a dermatologist in Florida. When I visited my daughter in Naperville, she brought me to Dr. Raab. He took care of it right then and it has never come back. This was 5 years ago, and my 90 year old face has no scar and no cancer! Thanks Dr. Raab."
— P.L.

"After going to various Dr’s from University of Chicago to local Drs for 10 years with minimal results, I came to Dr. Raab. In one visit he diagnosed the problem. I was given a shot and medication. The problem was cleared up immediately. I would most definitely recommend him to friends and family members."
— A.D.

"I am always asked 'Your skin looks so good. What have you done?'  I reply 'I saw Dr. Raab'."
— P.R.

"Thank you Doctor. After all these years, “You fixed my face.” The acne is finally gone!"
— K.K.

"I am extremely happy with the results of my AFT treatment. My boyfriend constantly tells me I look like I’m 30 years old. I am actually 50."
— C.W.

"After having had regular Botox injections for 5 years with other physicians, and having had mixed results, I am very please to have Dr. Raab administer Botox artfully and with natural looking results."
— C.B.

"There are no words to adequately express how pleased I am with the results of PSR. A tired drawn face has been replaced with a healthy glow, which in turn is reflected in a happy smile and a sparkle in my eyes. I am so grateful to Dr. Raab. He has given me my life back."
— C.R.

"In 2004 I came to Dr. Raab with a serious problem. I had gone to one of the major salons in the Naperville area to get a facial. I came out with contact dermatitis. I went back into the salon for advice and they gave me a second facial on my already irritated skin. This inflamed the issue and my face. By the time I saw Dr. Raab I had a blood red mask that used to be my face. His professional attitude was calming and convincing. His treatment included sending me to a specialist in contact dermatitis who was able to diagnose the problem to a new allergy to fragrance. Even after I was able to get the initial problem under control I still had apparent damage on my face from all of the swelling and redness. Dr. Raab started using laser treatments to correct the damage. These laser treatments have given me back the face I had before the salon got a hold of me. Dr. Raab’s confidence that he could help pulled me through that terrible ordeal. Dr. Raab’s knowledge and skill with all the new laser technology is stellar.
So, in conclusion, if you are considering going to a salon for a facial or any treatments to the face I suggest that you save your money and go to Dr. Raab who can make a real and lasting difference to your skin."
— G.C.

"I work in the cosmeceutical industry, visiting plastic surgery and dermatology practices on a daily basis. After having my first Pixel laser treatment with Dr. Raab, I applied Lycogel before leaving the office. It COMPLETELY covered the redness from the procedure. The next morning, I applied it again and went about my day. When I pointed out that I had this procedure done “yesterday”, people were amazed and saw no signs of laser treatment whatsoever. I feel totally comfortable having laser treatments on my face, knowing Lycogel is available through Dr. Raab to help my skin heal as well as conceal so I can immediately go about my usual daily routine."
— S.B.

"Scarred by acne as a youth, after researching dermatology and interviewing many dermatologists, I selected Dr. Raab to help improve the color and contour evenness of my face. I chose Dr. Raab early in his career based on his attention to detail and his ability to thoroughly analyze my problems and present me with realistic solutions. As a software salesman and a single man, my appearance is important to me. As I have aged, I am challenged by other facial imperfections (wrinkle lines, age spots, etc.). Dr. Raab has consistently provided me with options including the latest technological advances. I trust his advice and procedures based on his continual research, practical experience and adherence to standards. His staff is always friendly, helpful and available.  I look at Dr. Raab as my lifetime partner in improving and maintaining my facial appearance."


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